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We offer an abundance of lavish and sophisticated travel where luxury is the essence.

We understand each individual is unique with different social values and in modern society most individuals are encompassed by luxury products.  We understand our clients’ status and their desire to indulge in pleasurable experiences.  Luxurious travel has designed travel to the next level. We take into account each and every sense of our client’s requirements and tailor make unique itineraries to suit each individual’s needs.

Our strategic planning and Core luxury products are just some of the benefits our clients can take advantage of without having to compromise.

We understand that personality comprises of five attributes: sophistication, solidity, genuineness, enthusiasm and pleasantness. With Luxurious Travel you can enjoy purchasing a brand that matches well within these values and your unique personality.

We have carefully developed a 5 star luxury brand with affluent opulence second to none, taking into careful consideration that each individual’s personality dimensions – modernity, eccentricity, opulence, elitism and strength – are unique.

Live the luxury; live your dream…

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We entertain and engage in a myriad of luxury travel activities. We can arrange:

  • Airport meet and greet service upon departure and arrival
  • Private Limousine/Chauffeur Services
  • Private Jet
  • Butler Services
  • Bridal Registry
  • Layby a holiday
  • Weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • Event Management
  • Trekking Tours
  • Golfing Events and Tours
  • Golfing Events and Tours
  • Pilgrimage Events and Tours
  • Any Sporting Events and Tours
  • Yachting Events and Tours
  • Luxury Shopping Tours
  • Travel Parties and Events
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Services
  • Foreign Exchange Cards
  • Money Transfers
  • Western Union, Ria and Moneygram


Too busy to arrange theatre tickets; perhaps a Day Spa, Pedicure; Manicure we can do it all for you…

Just let us know exactly which of these services you need and all you need to do is you kick your feet back and relax while we do all the work for you

I booked and traveled through Luxurious Travel to Portugal, Morocco and France. I couldn’t be happier with their services. They looked after my every need right from the start to finish. They are an amazing team who are very professional and knowledgeable. I needed to add some tours while I was away and was able to contact them without any difficulty. Their pricing is the best value I got for my money. My family and I had the best time of our life. I am now a repeat customer and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to travel.

Michelle Ralevska

Quality service, affordable prices and most importantly a dedicated and passionate travel agency led by the warm hearted Tania. I have recommended Luxurious Travel to all my family and friends and all of us continue to be satisfied with the service.

Hani Skaf